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Unical AG S.p.A. is an Italian Company leader in the heating industry.Unical Logo CFQ

Established in 1972 for the design and production of civil and industrial heating units, it subsequently expanded its operating range to include air conditioning systems, solar panels, floor systems, photovoltaic panels, etc., and it now boasts one of the most exhaustive catalogues in the industry.

Innovation, maximum performance levels in the use of various forms of energy and fuel (gas, diesel, fuel oil, biomass), reliability, to reduce consumption levels and conserve with the utmost attention the environment in which we live: these are all reasons for the large sums invested each year intended for Research and Development.

Unical R&D (Research and Development) in fact staffs over 30 employees who work on ambitious projects non-stop: co-generation, revolutionary condensing heat exchangers, highly compact and modular applications to retain the highest quality standards and the utmost levels of technological innovation which have always distinguished the Unical brand.

Indeed, Unical boasts over 50 registered patents.

Experience, success and constant updates; this is how Unical products come to life, day after day:  a passion for technology, Made in Italy.

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