Buderus Commercial

Buderus Commercial 

Buderus Bosch Group

Buderus Heating for over 275 years

Buderus is one of the largest heating brands world-wide and enjoys a market-leading position in sales of gas condensing boilers across Europe.

The German owned heating technologies brand has a manufacturing heritage stretching back over 275 years and has been developing and distributing advanced commercial condensing boilers in the European market for decades.

Buderus Quality

Rigorous quality testing of each and every component is carried out to ensure that each Buderus boiler delivers high levels of fuel efficiency, consistent heating and hot water performance and a long product life.

Buderus is also known throughout Europe and in the US for its prowess in metal casting techniques, and special steel products, the Buderus brand has a presence in 50 countries, most of them in Europe.



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