ACV has been designing, manufacturing and distributing engineering solutions for hot water generation and for commercial and residential heating applications since 1922.

(ACV) was founded in Brussels on July 8, 1922 by a group of engineers motivated by the prospect of a good financial investment. Amongst the founders was an inventor, Mr Rupert Castiaux, who in lieu of capital gave his patents in return for a share in the company.
March 1928 saw the merging of ACV with a company which had ceased to operate “S.A. des Fonderies et Emailleries Sainte Marguerite”. The headquarters of this company were in Ruisbroek and ACV is still there today.

A lean period followed, which is remembered for the constant financial problems. The confidence of the directors was severely shaken and many of the directors left one after the other. Mr Albert Buchet was appointed Director of ACV in March 1929 remaining until December 1968.

The 30’s saw the founding of several boiler manufacturing companies, some of whom achieved very rapid growth. This was the case for Ideal Standard at Vilvorde, which employed 1500 people.

Under the guidance of Mr Albert Buchet, ACV made spectacular progress. The new manager knew exactly what the company needed: ideas and more ideas. Thanks to its innovative products, the company survived the crisis of the 30’s, the Second World War and the period of reconstruction that followed. ACV adapted to the changes in the market by diversifying and introducing new products. His sons Pierre and Louis joined Albert Buchet in 1948 and 1959 respectively. Pierre Buchet still heads up the Company today.

carPP1In response to the emergence of fuel oil for domestic heating at the dawn of the 1960’s, ACV revised its entire strategy. Since then, the company has focused on boilers for heating, water heaters and domestic tanks. ACV was one of the first companies to introduce stainless steel cylinders, which led to the development of their unique Tank-in-Tank concept.

Toward the middle of the 1970’s, ACV began to export and successfully challenge its international competitors. In the 80’s and 90’s, new product ranges were introduced such as the autonomous water heater “HeatMaster®” designed for commercial and industrial applications and the combined boiler and water heater “Delta” intended for residential applications.

Today, with our comprehensive range of innovative products ACV can satisfy the modern demand for heating and hot water in a way that is reliable, effective, economical and environmentally considerate.

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